3-Day Trial Pack

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AED 240


Stop the hesitation and experience the immediate benefits of celery juice with this 3-day package! Pure, Organic, Fresh, Cold Pressed Daily!


Place your order before 5 PM for next day delivery. Select your start delivery date/time at the checkout.

You Will Get:

  • 500ml of Pure, Organic, and Cold Pressed Celery Juice
  • In a Glass Bottle
  • Delivered Everyday for 3 Days

Nutritional Summary (Per Bottle 500ml):


Calories Fat Carbs Protein
90 0.8g 20g 4.15g




Note: We use limited fresh celery everyday! Place your order before 5 PM for next day delivery.

6 reviews for 3-Day Trial Pack

  1. Yana Vasileva Baltakova

    The best cold pressed celery juice in Dubai! I have tried pretty much everything that is offered on the market here but So Selery exceeded my expectations. Sustanaible packaging and the juice, pure deliciousness! Thank you to the person managing the IG account for her flexibility with delivery timings and trying her best to accommodate my needs! Brilliant customer service and if anyone is looking at natural cleansing course, the So Celery fresh juice is totally worth trying !

  2. Anthony (verified owner)

    I have never done straight celery juice, so was expecting a bad experience but I was so wrong! The taste was really nice and mild because it was so fresh. I am also a big coffee drinker and was actually able to skip my morning latte because I was surprisingly energized throughout the morning! Can’t wait to keep going!

  3. Melissa

    So tasty. I am not a juice fanatic so I was surprised that I enjoyed this. Give it a try- it gave me great energy and will be joining for the longer package to get all of the benefits!

  4. Olivia Corsi (verified owner)

    For me greens is boring … I barely eat any greens! I am so happy I can drink something healthy without any bad taste and so easily! The taste, the delivery and the owner behind … from A to Z everything is perfect !!!

  5. Marina

    I took 3-day trial and decided now to proceed with 15 day package. Im surprised by positive effects it has on my body and overall well being! And the service with so celery is exceptional – they deliver it at the doorstep, early in the morning, using eco-friendly packaging, Im really impressed! I definitely recommend!! And juice does not taste that bad <3

    • Clemence El Alami (verified owner)

      Thank you Marina for sharing your experience, we are so glad that you can already feel the powerful effect of celery juice <3

  6. Alice (verified owner)

    Love Love Love Love
    From the person who is behid the business, to the one that’s always responding on Instagram, to delivery guy! I can’t wait to try the 30days!

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